Tips to increase the property value of your flat?

Tips to increase the property value of your flat?

April 7, 2021|Posted in: real estate

Having plans to sell your flat in Kerala? Well, be prepared to boost the value of your apartment to get a good price! With the passage of time, the monetary value of a flat decreases. The older the apartment gets; the price will become less. Not to worry, there are many ways to escalate the value of an apartment. 

The premier real estate portal for checking out flats for sale in Kerala, have some tips to increase the property value of your flat.  A little renovation can work wonders to your flat!  

Clean and paint

A new buyer will never want to buy a house that has remnants of being used by the previous owner or tenant. Hence, ensure to get the property deep-cleaned and painted properly before showing to buyers. 

Curb appeal notches up points

Your property can be made to look more appealing with curb appeal! A few decorative items like plants, a corner table, a statue, or outdoor lights can be placed strategically to create more interest. New doorknob, light switch cover or shoe cabinets can make everything look fresh.  

Change old windows or doors

If the doors and windows of your flat are rather old and broken change them! Installing new ones enhance the aesthetics of the house and this also helps in lowering the lighting, heating and cooling bills. You can even increase the inflow of natural light inside the house. 

Renovate the Kitchen or Bathrooms

Renovating the bathrooms and kitchen is a good move to boost up the value of your flat! Changing or adding cabinets, countertops, washbasins, flooring, lighting fixtures, sanitary and electrical appliances can add a magical touch.

Make your rooms more functional!

Right from rearranging things in the kitchen to create more usable space or adding a bathroom to the master bedroom, you can make useful changes to your flat. Just by rearranging the furniture you can create more functional space in every room of your house. A few changes to the floor plan can also create more space. Try swapping any two rooms like changing the dining room to a living room or vice-versa, you will be amazed by the change for the better!

Add architectural detail

Adding small architectural elements to your flat while you renovate your property is received well by new buyers. You can add a crown molding, ceiling beams, columns & plasters or baseboard can create interest and make the apartment beautiful. 

Now that you have an overview on tips to increase the property value of your flat in Kerala, you can go about confidently refurbishing it. But take care not to overdo it, you can very well hire an interior designer or carry out renovation yourself after doing a lot of research. Check out flats in Kerala at You can even list your flat in their directory along with cool photos and description.


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