How to make your home pet-friendly

How to make your home pet-friendly?

December 2, 2022|Posted in: Uncategorized

You are planning to move into your dream home, a luxury flat in Kochi and the excitement has already begun! But when it comes to making your home pet-friendly, you may not have any idea. With some smart planning, organising your living spaces & effective pet training it is not impossible! Leave no chances, just make sure it’s safe & healthy for your pet with these few tips from, the best real estate portal in Kerala!

Cover electric outlets and secure cords.

Your beloved pets can stick their snouts into electrical outlets. Prevent electric shocks to your pets by using electrical outlet caps. Keep cords secure to reduce the strangling of pets.

Set boundaries

If your curious pet loves exploring the apartment, use baby gates or a playpen to create a dedicated fun play space for your pet.

Opt for pet-friendly fabrics and materials

Use dark-textured materials with tighter weaves like Leather, Pleather, Canvas, Microfibre, and Denim as pets usually love unstuffing your pillows, scratching up the couch or wooden chair legs. Give your pets chew toys and scratch posts to keep them happy.

Cover your windows with screens or grates

If you are a cat-lover, you should know that most cats love lazing around on a window sill. Ensure that your windows have screens or grates to keep them from falling down while leaping at a bird or chasing after butterflies or squirrels.

Keep things out of reach

Put everything on high shelves as your pets are very active animals. One careless movement or just one wag of their tail can make things go flying around the room and break.

Kitchen trash

Pets do love sniffling around the kitchen trash can or recycling can. Keep those cans locked away as the trash may contain potentially harmful objects to pets like sanitizing wipes, bones, plastic bags, fruit pits, and food wraps.

Secure kitchen cabinets

Household pets are very curious and can get pretty good at opening cabinet drawers and doors. Use locks and childproof latches to protect those curious pet paws.

Don’t leave food out

Onions, garlic, and chocolate in human food can be toxic for your pet. Pets can jump onto kitchen counters and eat the food. Hence keep food and dirty dishes away from pets.


Curious pets can get inside your washer/dryer, hence close them after using.

Keep the toilet lid closed

Toilet water may contain leftover cleaning supplies & bacteria and pets are likely to drink it. Keep the toilet lid closed to avoid this.

Lock away any medication, detergents, and skin care supplies

Keep your cleaning supplies and toiletries stored in a locked cabinet out of reach of your pet.

Potty train your dog or cat

Get a comfortable litter box for your cat or dog & keep the potty area private like a balcony or bathroom.

Starting today it’s your responsibility to make your home pet-friendly! Buy, sell or rent flats in Kerala at Contact us for more details!

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