How technology is changing the face of the Real Estate Industry?

How technology is changing the face of the Real Estate Industry?

November 13, 2020|Posted in: real estate

Technological evolution is taking place at a rapid pace nowadays, and with the surge in the production of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets our daily lives, businesses and companies have had to adapt to the constant changes. The multiple uses of technology are slowly seeping into consumer lifestyles and transforming the real estate sector. 

Just check out how technology is changing the face of the Real Estate Industry? An insight brought to you by Luxury Kerala Flats, the best portal for buying flats for sale in Kerala.

Marketing and advertising

Gone are the days when real estate companies banked on only signboard advertising and magazine and newspaper advertisements. In tune with the increasing use of technology they have had to modify their marketing and advertising strategies. Real estate companies need to have up to date mobile-friendly search engine optimised (SEO) websites to help them rank better.

Traditional real estate buying, renting and selling has taken a new twist!

Buyers are now able to do much of the research online. This reduces the dependency on traditional real estate agents. However, agents who have a credible online presence like Luxury Kerala Flats have become a force to reckon with in Kerala real estate.

More houses are being listed online & this allows homeowners or real estate companies to showcase their assets. Online listing also presents multiple options for potential buyers or tenants to choose from.


It is now much easier for buyers to research the residential localities, infrastructure developments, builders or developers, flats or villas, facilities or amenities and more. This helps them to make a wise decision before taking the leap. 

In these pandemic times instead of physical walk-ins, virtual walkthroughs of interiors or landscaped gardens of flats is now possible. 


Technology has made everything possible online! The consumer experience has become seamless & smooth as everything from registration to payments has moved online aided by technology. When buying villas or flats, you can conduct all paperwork and manage financial transactions online like token payments, deposit payments, registration agreements, or move in documents etc.


Buyers of today seek out flats with complete lifestyle management solutions. With technology, Home automation using AI and IoT is possible. Residents can regulate their home power and appliances with apps.


Property management has become dominated by AI-based solutions.  They observe and envisage when systems need critical maintenance or are ready for replacement. This creates value-addition and benefits tenants and the homeowners. 

Technology and consumer need now remain connected. In many luxury flats there are smart apps that control many facilities like secured entries where information regarding visitors is available. Apps even control concierge services, running quick daily errands on consumer request.

We at hope that this overview on how technology is changing the face of the Real Estate Industry has been interesting to you. Check out flats in Kerala at Luxury Kerala Flats. Good luck to you!

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