Tips to maximize natural light in your Apartment

Tips to maximize natural light in your Apartment

December 28, 2020|Posted in: home

Natural light does wonders to the whole ambience of a room! While planning the design of an apartment, make sure each room is structured in a way that allows light to enter as deep as possible. You can easily maximize the natural light powers of windows with these tips to maximize natural light in your Apartment. An insight brought to you by, the No. 1 real estate portal to buy flats for sale in Kerala.  

Clear the space around your windows

Open out windows to your room. Move any large piece of furniture to the darker side of the room. It shouldn’t obstruct light from entering through your window. If you are decorating with plants on the windowsill, place only low or thin plants. Use floating shelves near windows that allow light to pass through them.

Strategically placed mirrors

Placing mirrors strategically can capture and reflect more light almost to any corner of the room in your flats in Kerala. Put Salem Mirrors and other reflective surfaces on west- and east-facing walls. Add reflective surfaces on pathways of natural light to catch and disperse light throughout the rest of your home.

Use light window treatments.

White or soft colored long window curtains to allow maximum light to come into your flat. If your windows face either east or west, blinding light can come in the morning or evening. Use heavy window treatments during the brightest hours. 

Paint your walls with light colours 

Use light colored paints to paint your walls and furniture. It makes the rooms look big and also reflects more natural light. White and lighter shades reflect natural light, whereas darker shades absorb it.

Light coloured Rugs

Since floors receive a lot of your apartment’s light, light coloured rugs can brighten your flat. 

Clean your windows 

Your windows will accumulate dust, dirt, and film that weaken their light output. If you want your apartment to have the most natural light cleaning windows at least once a month will help. 

Replace a few of your doors

If you don’t need to close off a certain room of your apartment, consider removing its door entirely. Removing unnecessary doors in your flat in Kerala can entirely make way for better light flow. Doors on hinges may totally obstruct a room’s light when closed or create a triangular shadow when they’re open. Use French interior doors  or install sliding doors to limit the shadows and spaces other doors take up. 

Install Skylights

Skylights are an effective way of bringing in more consistent light than most windows.

These are only some easy tips to maximize natural light in your Apartment. Check out and buy flats for sale in Kerala. 


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