Real estate investing tips for beginners

Real estate investing tips for beginners

August 31, 2021|Posted in: real estate

Venturing into real estate for the first time? A wrong decision on your part could be costly! Real estate is a risky business and you’ll have to tread carefully! There are various factors to consider If one wishes to really invest in real estate and it’s always vital to make a careful study of expenses and profits beforehand.

Don’t you worry! Here are some Real estate investing tips for beginners to keep in mind before you move into real estate from, the best real estate portal for buying flats in Kerala.

When you are thinking of making any investment in real estate follow these important steps:

Do a Background check

Before investing, conduct a thorough background check on the property. You should choose only RERA registered projects to invest in and the reputation of the builder as well as location of the property is significant. Also check whether the property adheres with legal standards, the delivery time and costing.

Analyse your expenses and profits

When you prepare for investing you should make a careful analysis of expenses and profits. The total cost of the property, operation cost, association charges, stamp duty, registration fee etc. should be considered.

Invest in a low-cost property

Being a beginner, a low-cost property will be a better investment for you. Expensive, high-end property deals have hidden costs and complexities that might cause complications in the long run. Better to invest in lower to mid-range priced properties at first.

Check out investment loan plans

When you start real estate investment, it is always better to check out loan plans and choose the right option that could make a positive impact on your finances.

Go for careful partnerships

If you are going into real estate partnerships with partners, do it cautiously. The legal agreements should be drafted carefully in front of a qualified lawyer to avoid future complications.

Be ready with down payment

You should be ready with a down payment approximately 10 percent of the final cost of the property and the rest can be managed through a loan.

Pay off your debts

Improve your investment portfolio by clearing off all of your debts, student loans, medical bills, etc. and get a good CIBIL score. Banks and financial companies are favourable to give loans for people with good CIBIL score.

Never invest emotionally

It’s not practical to invest in real estate based on emotions! You should try to control your emotions. Be practical and logical as it is clearly a business investment and you should negotiate to get the best possible price. The lower the property price, the better are the possibilities that you will earn a higher profit from it.

We hope these real estate investing tips for beginners from have been able to guide you in your real estate investment. Buy, sell or rent apartments in Kerala and flats in Kochi at

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