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Living in small town vs Metro – Pros & Cons

September 21, 2021|Posted in: real estate

When you start looking for an ideal location to have your dream home, the question comes – living in a small town or a Metro city? You start analysing the pros & cons while scouting for dream locations. Your goto site for buying flats in Kerala, brings to you an insight on this topic.

It can be rightly said, location is the most important factor about investing in real estate. The fast-paced life in metro cities attracts many people as good infrastructural facilities are available. But the high cost of living in metros, drives people to live in the smaller towns in the suburbs.

Pros of small towns over big cities


As small towns are spread over small areas, everything is close by right from facilities like medical clinics, schools & markets. Even workplaces will be located in close precincts. Hence, significant savings can be made on transportation costs. But living in big cities is rather challenging! Long hours of commuting in heavy traffic along with the higher cost of living and lack of spare time makes it less attractive.

Peaceful environs

Small town areas will have lots of greenery around. With less populace, residents can live peacefully without the hustle and bustle of busy city life. More open spaces and playgrounds in small towns are an added advantage for children and senior citizens. But all these are off limits to urban people as they have their everyday struggle with traffic woes, lack of parking spaces, green spaces and more.


Smaller towns have low crime rates and are much safer for families rather than popular metros. With close-knit neighbourhoods, there is better bonding with neighbours and people are more connected to their roots. Joint families are common in small towns compared to nuclear families in metro cities.

Affordable living

In small towns rents and prices of properties are comparatively lower than in metros. Everything from school fees, health care, groceries and vegetables are low-priced and you can save money. But in Metros everything is priced high.

Pros of big cities over small towns


Metros have well-constructed expansive roads with access to better public transportation hubs. You can commute to your desired destinations in buses, taxis and metro rail services.

World-class lifestyle

In big Metros you have international brand food outlets and shopping destinations. There is no dearth of entertainment options here when compared to small towns. Proper sewerage system, water supply and emergency health services, are also easily available in big Metros.

More opportunities

Pursuing higher education or a good career has more scope in a metropolis as there are several good educational institutions & several corporate offices here.

Cosmopolitan culture

You can find an eclectic mix of people from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds in big cities.

Living in luxury flats in Kerala in big cities has its advantages as does living in the smaller towns. It’s up to you to decide!

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