7 ways that Interior Design influences your Mood

7 ways that Interior Design influences your Mood

December 13, 2021|Posted in: home

Home is a place to relax and be comfortable, to leave your worries and be at peace! But do you know it’s not just the home but your surroundings and the decor that affects your mood? Well, it’s true. Your interior design & home decor can actually make you feel happy or sad at times. Textures and colours, sights and sounds directly affect a family’s happiness and health. Here at luxurykeralaflats.com, we can help you to discover 7 ways that Interior Design influences your Mood so that you can make informed choices for your luxury flat in Kochi.

The choice of colors

Colour choices for your flat in Kerala may affect one’s subconscious mind. Check out the effects of colours

  • Green and Blue – lower blood pressure and promote calmness
  • Red – increases blood concentration and blood flow
  • Yellow, Orange and Green – stimulate communication
  • Dark shades of purple and deep blue – create a melancholic atmosphere
  • Warm shades of yellow and orange – calming and relaxing feeling, absence of color – can be harmful to health.
  • Black – Can be used as an accent colour
  • You can choose a brighter shade to complement a pastel shade wall.
  • Blue – matches well with mental peace.

Lighting Effects

Natural light plays a crucial role in setting the mood! Without natural light low mood, sadness, and depression may happen at times. Hence find ways to enhance natural light by incorporating reflecting mirrors in the house and adding appropriate artificial light using lamps, candle lights, spotlights, etc.

Furniture, beauty with comfort

The furniture of the house and accessories are very much important for elevating the mood of people living in the house. All beautiful furniture need not be very comfortable. So, it is essential to have comfortable and beautiful furniture that goes with your room. Also try to avoid negative space from the furniture arrangement.

Create a sense of space for a good mood

Open spaces create a free flow of positive energy in a room. Carved wood room dividers, sheer curtains, colourful rugs and natural bamboo dividers can create a separation of the space without restricting the natural flow of light and air and allow free flow of energy.

Too much decor may cause tiredness

One of the golden rules of interior design is that you should not crowd the rooms with too much decor. It can have a negative influence on our mood and energy. Minimalism is the ongoing trend and all things should be arranged harmoniously and not symmetrically.in interior design these years.

Adding greenery

You can dramatically change the mood of a room just by adding greenery! Potted palms and other little foliage / flowering plants or herb gardens near the kitchen window, hanging plants all add to the charm.

Investing in flooring

Good flooring has a better impact on one’s mood! You can opt for marble, Tiles or wooden flooring in your luxury flat in Kochi. Adding a carpet or shaggy rug can certainly brighten up the space and also elevate your mood.

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