Things to keep in mind while shifting house

Things to keep in mind while shifting house

January 20, 2022|Posted in: home

The time has come for you to shift house and you don’t have a clue as to what to do? Getting the next house, shifting household goods, kids’ school admission & what not! Finding a new house, at times within the same city or in a totally new city is easy when you have portals like You can get details of flats in Kerala, locations, facilities, rental price etc. at one go here! Searching out a new comfortable home that fits your budget is one part of it, packing and moving is another part! No worries, here are some easy tips on things to keep in mind while shifting house from, the best real estate portal for buying, selling or renting luxury flats in Kochi.


Get rid of things that you don’t use at all so that you’ll have less to transport.

Categorize items and label boxes– Pack separate cartons for clothes, books, utensils, etc. and paste a label on top or sides to easily identify what’s inside. This makes unpacking easier also. Label your boxes with marker pen and the basis of the room they are to be put in.

Mark any box containing fragile items clearly which will ensure the crew takes extra care when loading and unloading it from the truck. Also mark anything that has priority items with ‘unpack first’.

Use the correct packing materials & right number of boxes
If the right packing materials are not used, it can lead to several issues like damage to items, boxes easily collapsing or bags tearing open & scattering your items. If the boxes are not sealed properly, it leaves items in it vulnerable to elements.

Hire a good movers packers company to shift household goods

Hiring a good removal company means an experienced surveyor will calculate the number of boxes you’ll need and they will provide the correct standardised packing materials needed to safely transport your items.

If you book for a weekday to shift, you might get some discounts also. Take photographs of major items you are sending through the packers and movers, so that in case of any damage, you can claim it, showing photos as evidence. Valuables like passports, jewellery, laptops and travel documents should be carried along with you.

Make an essentials box

Once you reach your new house it will not be easy to access everything you need at once! Pack an essentials box well ahead of time to get the most urgent items you need. Customise your essentials box to include items that match the season. Make a list of what you need like a change of clothes, wash-room accessories and towels, phone chargers and some food.

Now that you know about things to keep in mind while shifting house, you can move with confidence. Contact us at, if you need to buy, sell or rent flats in Kerala.

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