Things to know before selling a home

Things to know before selling a home

July 1, 2022|Posted in: home

Are you on the verge of selling your luxury flat in Kochi? Really a difficult decision to make and a difficult task to execute as well! So, if you are not clear how to begin with the process, just read through the following suggestions from, the best real estate portal to buy, sell or rent flats in Kerala.

Price it right

Do not quote a price which is too high for your property! You may want to get the best price for your apartment, but compare the prices in the market at first. Doing research about the price trends will help before quoting a price. A real estate advisor could give you a rundown on the local property prices.

Check your papers

Ensure to search out, check and collect all the legal and civic documents relating to your property from the time of the purchase. Make sure all the documents are ready and complete to avoid any last-minutes hassles.

Make the first impression

First impressions are the best impressions! The first time the buyer sees your home it should impress him. This could be a crucial approach towards finalising your deal. Get all the required repairs done and get your home painted if possible before you show your house to buyers. You should ensure to present your home in the best light to a buyer in the first meeting itself.

Focus on kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom of your house are the deal-makers or breakers in the sale of a house. So, if possible, re-model them with some latest designs and this investment will surely add value to your property.

Declutter your home

It’s always better to clean and declutter your house of any unused articles. Try to organise your wardrobes and other storage spaces as buyers take note of available storage spaces in the house. Also try to clear your personal belongings from the house if possible.

Choose the right advisor

A really good real estate advisor can make selling your home smooth sailing! Select a good local real estate agent with a good track record who will understand your requirements or register with to get good deals your way. Click beautiful images of your house pictures & post them in social media or real estate portals. This will certainly make buyers interested!

Clear the dues

Make sure all your dues which are related to your property like electricity and water bills, lease amount or property tax, etc, are paid up. It can create difficulties for you during the transaction process if not done on time.

Schedule the right dates

You should have a clear idea in mind about the timeline within which you want to sell your house. Be ready to hand over the possession to the new buyer on a prefixed date after sale. This can make the whole process smoother.

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